Management of idiopathic Madelung deformity with the Sauve-Kapandji procedure

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Background:Madelung deformity is a growth disorder affecting the distal radial epiphysis presenting usually near skeletal maturity with wrist pain, deformity, and limitation of wrist motion.Methods:Ten patients (13 wrists) with idiopathic Madelung deformity were treated with the Sauve-Kapandji procedure. The mean age at the time of operation was 21.8 yr old. The mean follow-up was 16.2 mo.Results:The ulnar head united successfully to the distal radius in all patients. The mean time of union was 10.3 wk. At the final follow up, all wrists were painless. The mean VAS of pain during stressful conditions improved from 6.2 to 2.3. The grip strength improved from 6.7 to 13.2. The mean DASH score improved from 41.9 to 13.2.Conclusions:The Sauve-Kapandji procedure is relatively simple procedure compared to radial osteotomy. It decreases pain and improves strength of wrists with Madelung deformity.

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