Clinicopathologic Study of Gore-Tex Patch Graft in Corneoscleral Surgery

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Three patients with corneal or scleral defects were treated with Gore-Tex grafting, including one case of corneal ulcer, one case of Mooren's ulcer, and one case of necrotizing scleritis. These eyes remained inflamed after Gore-Tex grafting. The interval between grafting and removal ranged from 2 months to 1 year. Pathologically, none of these grafts showed evident epithelial or fibrous tissue ingrowth of the Gore-Tex graft. Fungal inhabitation was noted in one graft, and fungal endophthalmitis developed 5 months after graft removal and penetrating keratoplasty. Although Gore-Tex offers some advantages, it has disadvantages when it is used without adequate conjunctival covering, including poor epithelialization, poor adhesion between graft and surrounding tissue, and potential infectious route.

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