Effect of Ocular Hypotony Secondary to Cyclodialysis Cleft on Corneal Topography

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To report the changes in corneal topography in 2 cases of ocular hypotony induced by cyclodialysis cleft after blunt trauma, which were successfully treated by argon laser photocoagulation.


For both patients, a full ophthalmic clinical examination and corneal topography were performed before and after argon laser cleft closure.


In the first case, the corneal topography showed 3.81-D astigmatism at 96°, which was reduced to 1.1 D at 124° 1 week after treatment and 0.66 D at 122° at 3 weeks after treatment. In the second case, the corneal astigmatism was 3.91 D at 104°, which decreased to 1.44 D at 104° and 0.35 D at 118° at 1 week and 4 months after treatment, respectively.


In both cases, the with-the-rule astigmatism reduced significantly after successful closure of the cleft and an increase in intraocular pressure.

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