Atypical Fibroxanthoma of the Bulbar Conjunctiva

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To report a rare case of atypical fibroxanthoma (AFX) of the bulbar conjunctiva, and to compare it with previously published cases of conjunctival AFX.


A 37-year-old woman developed a growth on the bulbar conjunctiva of her left eye that increased in size and redness over 4 months and was associated with blurry vision in the left eye, occasional diplopia, irritation of the eye, and increasing tearing. The mass was surgically excised.


Slit-lamp examination disclosed a highly vascularized conjunctival lesion with intact lustrous epithelium and a raised nodular edge encroaching on the nasal corneal limbus of the left eye. Pathological examination and immunohistochemistry were diagnostic of AFX.


AFX of the conjunctiva is rare, with this being only the fifth example of this neoplasm reported at this site. Complete surgical excision is the most appropriate treatment option.

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