Benign Reactive Lymphoid Hyperplasia of the Conjunctiva Treated With Cyclosporine

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To describe a case of reactive lymphoid hyperplasia (RLH) of the conjunctiva responding to cyclosporine immunosuppressant monotherapy.


A 66-year-old man with a 2-year history of biopsy-proven bilateral RLH presented for dry eye evaluation with chief complaints of burning, stinging, and irritation in both eyes. After slit-lamp examination and positive findings of matrix metalloproteinase 9 in the patient's tear film, he was diagnosed with meibomian gland dysfunction and tear-insufficiency dry eye disease. The patient was subsequently treated with topical cyclosporine (ophthalmic emulsion 0.5 mg/mL two times per day) in both eyes.


Examination at the 3-month follow-up visit revealed significant reduction of the RLH lesions bilaterally.


This report represents the first case of benign ocular RLH responsive to topical cyclosporine therapy. We believe that cyclosporine could play a role in treating patients with benign ocular RLH and warrants further investigation to evaluate its full efficacy.

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