Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Ipsilateral Rotational Lamellar Autokeratoplasty

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To describe the surgical technique and report the outcomes of 2 patients treated with femtosecond laser-assisted ipsilateral rotational lamellar autokeratoplasty in central corneal scars.


The corneal scar depth was mapped using preoperative optical coherence tomography. An eccentric lamellar lenticule was cut with a femtosecond laser and rotated to decenter corneal opacity and free the pupil area in 2 patients with nonprogressive central corneal scars. The surgical plan was set after simulating lenticule rotation with a digital corneal image and computer software.


In both cases, the corneal scar was decentered inferiorly, out of the pupillary area, with increased postoperative visual acuity but visual outcome limitations secondary to corneal irregularities and residual deep opacity.


Femtosecond laser-assisted ipsilateral rotational lamellar autokeratoplasty is effective for shifting central corneal opacities and can be considered in appropriate cases.

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