Recognition of Fungal Keratitis in Boston Type I Keratoprosthesis: Importance of Awareness and Novel Identification of Exophiala phaeomuriformis

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To present a case of Exophiala phaeomuriformis fungal keratitis to demonstrate the heightened concern for fungal infection in patients with a keratoprosthesis and to highlight the rare involvement of Exophiala phaeomuriformis.


Case report.


Exophiala phaeomuriformis was identified in a susceptible patient 7 years after Boston type I keratoprosthesis (KPro) implantation.


Although fungal infiltration after KPro placement does not represent a novel clinical infection, identification of the rare Exophiala species in a patient with a KPro has not been reported and provides an opportunity for reflection on fungal identification, prophylaxis, and prevention in this vulnerable patient population.

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