Atraumatic Transfer of the Donor Corneal Button

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PurposeTo devise a method for atraumatic transfer of the donor comeal button by using a corneal shovel.MethodThe donor cornea is lifted with a microcorneal shovel, and the epithelial surface dried with a microsponge applied to the corneal shovel to create a seal. This allows the shovel to be rotated through 180° over the host eye with no movement of the donor cornea. The seal is then broken by applying a drop(s) of fluid onto the epithelial surface of the donor cornea or by touching the edge of the donor cornea to the edge of the host cornea. The donor cornea then slides or is floated onto the host eye.ResultsThis technique has been performed on 52 corneal transplants with no complications such as slippage or falling off of the donor corneal button during transfer.ConclusionThis method provides a useful atraumatic surgical procedure for stabilising and transferring the donor cornea during corneal transplantation.

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