Infiltrative Keratitis Associated with Extended Wear of Hydrogel Lenses and Abiotrophia defectiva

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Purpose.Infiltrative keratitis is a common complication associated with extended wear of hydrogel lenses. Causative bacteria are often isolated from the lens at the time of an event. We report a case where three repeated occurrences of infiltrative keratitis were associated with contamination of the contact lenses by Abiotrophia defectiva.Methods.A 34-year-old man participating in a clinical trial of extended wear hydrogel contact lenses experienced three episodes of infiltrative keratitis. The clinical presentation was observed using a biomicroscope. At the time of each event, the contact lenses were removed aseptically and ocular swabs were taken for bacterial identification and enumeration. The condition was monitored until full resolution.Results.The condition was characterized by irritation, marked bulbar and limbal injection, and multiple focal subepithelial infiltrates. Many of the infiltrates also showed overlying staining with fluorescein. In each of the three events of infiltrative keratitis, A. defectiva was cultured from the contact lens and ocular swabs.Conclusion.This is the first reported occurrence of infiltrative keratitis associated with A. defectiva contamination of contact lenses.

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