Baseline Donor Characteristics in the Cornea Donor Study

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Purpose:The Cornea Donor Study (CDS) is an ongoing study that is being conducted to determine whether donor age is related to long-term corneal graft survival. Characteristics of the donor population have been evaluated with respect to donor age, endothelial cell density, and death to preservation interval.Methods:Within the context of a prospective, double-masked, controlled trial, 1101 donor corneas were assigned without regard to donor age.Results:Slit-lamp characteristics of the donor corneas showed little variation with donor age, except for the presence of corneal arcus. As death to preservation time decreased, fewer epithelial abnormalities and a lower frequency of stromal edema and Descemet folds were observed. There was little change in the mean of the endothelial cell density with donor age beyond age 60, despite variation.Conclusion:With respect to donor age, there was little difference in either the slit-lamp characteristics or endothelial cell density of the donor corneas. Fewer epithelial abnormalities were observed with shorter death to preservation time.

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