Nonresolution of Acute Hydrops Because of Intrastromal Migration of Perfluoropropane Gas

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Purpose:To report a case of nonresolution of acute hydrops despite treatment with intracameral perfluoropropane (C3F8) gas because of fish egging of the gas bubble.Methods:An acute hydrops in a 25-year-old female patient with keratoconus was treated with intracameral injection of 0.15 mL of isoexpansile C3F8 (14%).Results:Slit-lamp examination showed multiple small bubbles trapped inside the intrastromal cleft and persistence of corneal edema.Conclusion:Intraoperative fish egging of the C3F8 gas bubble can lead to intrastromal migration of the gas, which may prevent the closure of the intrastromal cleft and hence may impede the resolution of acute hydrops.

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