Treatment of Severe Fungal Keratitis With Subconjunctival Amphotericin B

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Purpose:To report the beneficial properties of subconjunctival amphotericin B as an adjunctive therapy in patients with severe fungal keratitis.Methods:Case reports and review of medical literature. Four patients with advanced fungal keratitis were treated with repeated injections of subconjunctival amphotericin B in addition to topical and systemic antifungal treatment.Results:Two to 8 injections were given to each patient. All patients showed rapid clinical improvement after the injections. No serious adverse effects were observed. However, all patients experienced pain during the injections.Conclusions:Subconjunctival injections of amphotericin B are useful as an adjunctive treatment of advanced fungal keratitis. This treatment assures compliance and may be an alternative to avoid a surgical intervention in an acute stage of advanced fungal keratitis. More cases are needed to validate our findings.

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