Application of Umbilical Cord Serum Eyedrops for Recurrent Corneal Erosions

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Purpose:To investigate the efficacy of umbilical cord serum eyedrops for the treatment of patients with recurrent corneal erosions.Methods:Thirty-five eyes of 35 patients with recurrent corneal erosions were studied. Eighteen eyes were treated with 20% umbilical cord serum eyedrops in addition to artificial tears (group A), and 17 eyes received artificial tears only (group B). Frequency of recurrence of corneal erosions was compared between the 2 groups.Results:The study included 17 male and 18 female patients. Mean age was 46.6 ± 13.4 years, and mean follow-up duration was 14.7 ± 2.5 months. No significant differences in age, sex, and follow-up duration were observed between the 2 groups. In group A, recurrence occurred 2 times in 3 eyes, 1 time in 3 eyes, and did not occur in 12 eyes. In group B, recurrence occurred 5 times in 1 eye, 3 times in 5 eyes, 2 times in 8 eyes, 1 time in 2 eyes, and did not occur in 1 eye. The mean frequency of recurrence was 0.50 ± 0.79 (0.04 ± 0.07 per month) in group A and 2.24 ± 1.09 (0.15 ± 0.08 per month) in group B (P < 0.01). No significant complications associated with serum use were observed.Conclusions:In the treatment of recurrent corneal erosions, umbilical cord serum eyedrops may be effective in reducing the number of recurrences.

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