A Histopathological Study of Bulbar Conjunctival Flaps Occurring in 2 Contact Lens Wearers

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Purpose:To study the histopathology of paralimbal bulbar conjunctival flaps occurring secondary to soft contact lens wear.Methods:Slit-lamp biomicroscopy using sodium fluorescein, cobalt blue light, and a Wratten filter was used to observe the presence, location, and dimensions of bulbar conjunctival flaps presenting in a cohort of contact lens wearers. Two subjects who exhibited such flaps agreed to undergo conjunctival biopsy. Tissue samples, obtained from the region of the flap, and an adjacent unaffected area were processed by standard histopathological methods.Results:In the first subject, analysis of the flap tissue showed even collagen distribution and overall normal histology. The flap of the second subject displayed a mild focal increase in collagen and mild degeneration of collagen, but no increase in elastic tissue. Conjunctival epithelium was normal in both cases.Conclusions:In these 2 subjects, conjunctival flap tissue either was normal or showed only minimal abnormality. There is insufficient evidence for significant pathological change on the time scale of this study.

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