Prevention of Visually Debilitating Deposits on Soft Contact Lenses in Keratoprosthesis Patients

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Purpose:To describe visually debilitating deposit formation on hydrogel contact lenses routinely used for protection in eyes with keratoprosthesis and to present different types of contact lenses that provide improved deposit resistance.Methods:Seven keratoprosthesis eyes with a history of rapid and severe deposit formation on their hydrogel lenses were evaluated and documented. The Schirmer values and blink rate of each patient were additionally analyzed. These patients were then subsequently refitted with varying types of contact lenses.Results:When soft hydrogel lenses were replaced with lenses with water-impermeable centers, dramatically fewer deposits accumulated. Deposit formation on hydrogel lenses did not seem to correlate with low Schirmer values but rather with an insufficient blink rate.Conclusion:Excellent deposit resistance can be achieved in these patients with the use of hybrid contact lenses with rigid centers or large-diameter entirely rigid contact lenses.

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