Bilateral Microkeratome-Assisted Anterior Lamellar Contralateral Corneal Autograft: A Case Report

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Purpose:To present a case in which bilateral microkeratome-assisted contralateral anterior lamellar corneal autografting was used in the treatment of a patient with a stromal scar in one eye and dense amblyopia in the fellow eye.Methods:Case report based on chart review.Results:Anterior lamellar flaps were created in both eyes with a microkeratome. Six weeks later, central trephination through both flaps was performed, and the resulting corneal discs were switched. Visual acuity improved to 20/30 in the nonamblyopic eye 1 year after the surgery.Conclusions:Microkeratome-assisted contralateral lamellar autokeratoplasty can be useful in the treatment of an anterior stromal scar when the fellow eye has a clear cornea and poor vision limited by untreatable noncorneal pathology.

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