Femoral Condyle Geometry in the Normal and Varus Knee

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Femoral condyle geometry was evaluated in 30 normal and 30 varus knees using magnetic resonance imaging. In the sagittal view, the distal part of the medial condyle was deformed in the varus knees, but there was no significant difference in the posterior part of the medial condyle between the normal and varus knees. In the transverse view, the transepicondylar axis(a reliable rotational landmark) showed approximately 6° external rotation relative to the posterior condylar axis in the varus knees and the normal knees. The results of this study suggest that no hypoplasia exists at the posterior part of the medial condyle in varus knees. In addition, the posterior condylar axis may be a reliable rotational landmark but is in relative internal rotation in varus knees when total knee arthroplasty is performed.

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