Midterm Results of the Salto Total Ankle Prosthesis

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The Salto Total Ankle Prosthesis is noncemented with mobile bearings and is characterized by an anatomic design and a dual Ti-HA coating. Between 1997 and 2000, 98 consecutive Salto prostheses were implanted. At last followup, two patients were deceased, one patient was lost to followup, and two prostheses were removed in two patients. Ninety-three implants in 91 patients were available with a mean followup of 35 months (range, 24–68 months). Survivorship at 68 months, with the end point implant removal, then was 98% (favorable scenario) to 94.9% (unfavorable scenario). The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society score was 32.3 points preoperatively and 83.1 points at followup. Seventy-two patients are pain-free, 54 patients walk unlimited distances, and 25 patients have limitation but walk more than 1 km. Sixty-seven patients have no limp but seven need walking aids. Fifty-eight patients can walk on tiptoes, 49 patients can walk on uneven ground, 14 patients can run, 76 patients ascend stairs normally, and 63 patients descend stairs normally. Range of motion as measured on stress radiographs improved from 15.2° preoperatively to 28.3° at followup. Preliminary results of the Salto prosthesis are encouraging and validate the concept of anatomic replacement.

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