Chondrosarcoma of the Hand: Is a Wide Surgical Resection Necessary?

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Chondrosarcomas of the hand are rare and generally treated with surgical resection. Thirteen patients with Grade 1 chondrosarcoma of the small bones of the hand were followed up for a mean of 99.8 months (range, 26–293 months). In eight patients (Group 1) curettage and reconstruction with cancellous bone was done and in five patients (Group 2) a wide resection was done. No patient experienced relapse in Group 2. In Group 1 one patient had a local relapse 18 months after intralesional resection. Using the Musculoskeletal Tumor Society score for evaluation, the clinical results showed an average of 98% and 95% of the normal function in Groups 1 and 2, respectively. None of the patients had evidence of systemic spread of the disease. With a relapse rate of 12.5% and no distant metastases after curettage, intralesional resection is the preferred method of treatment in Grade 1 chondrosarcoma of the hand, allowing the patient to avoid amputation and major loss of function.

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