Get Up, Get Out, Get Moving: An Interactive Tool for Education at Your Local School

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Childhood obesity is a growing problem in America. Orthopaedic surgeons have an opportunity to interact with communities to educate children about healthy eating and physical activity. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) Leadership Fellows Program [1] Class of 2012 created a presentation for AAOS members to bring to local schools. The goal was to teach the children about the potential complications of childhood obesity and the benefits of healthy living.


We describe a program in which orthopaedic surgeons gave presentations to elementary school students about healthy eating and activity and the effects that extra weight can have on their bones.


Each of the five members of the Leadership Fellows Program [1] 2012 class (JW, EM, MP, MR, MF) presented to a school in his or her hometown. The program was presented to 210 fifth grade children throughout the country. Before and after the presentation, students took a six-question multiple-choice quiz and answers compared to assess improvement in knowledge.


The average number of answers correct before the presentation was 4.5 out of six, and the average after the presentation was six of six. The presentations were well received, and the students and their teachers invited each presenter back the next year.


The improvement in quiz scores demonstrated interest among the students in that they paid attention and understood the content. The children appeared enthusiastic to learn about this subject, and the schools were enthusiastic to include the curriculum.

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