Distribution of Plasma Pressure in the Geomagnetic Tail in the Transition Region from Dipole to Quasidipole and Stretched Magnetic Field Lines: Events on October 13, 1995 and March 13, 1996

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The results of an analysis of the pressure distribution of the hot magnetosphere plasma and transverse currents in the plasma at distances from 8RE to 12RE are presented. The data were taken in the vicinity of the equatorial plane onboard the Interball-1 satellite during its passages on October 13, 1995 and March 13, 1996. The pressure was determined from the measurements of particle fluxes by the CORALL, DOK-2, and SKA-2 instruments. The specific features of this experiment made it possible to calculate the pressure with a high accuracy and to determine the distribution of the magnetostatically equilibrium currents in the plasma. It is shown that at the parts of the monotonous increase of the pressure in the earthward direction one can detect regions of plateau in the plasma pressure. A possible origin of the small-scale variations and regions with plateau are discussed. A comparison of the measured pressure profiles with the pressure profiles in the Tsyganenko and Mukai-2003 model is performed. Transverse currents flowing in the plasma are calculated assuming magnetostatic equilibrium.

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