Towards a framework for reporting self-guided interventions for people with cancer

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Purpose of reviewThe purpose of this article is to provide an updated review exploring the recent developments in the field of self-guided interventions and describe the state of knowledge. This article builds on a previous systematic review on self-guided interventions, finding that the recent literature demonstrates that evidence for these interventions is mixed. The field is limited by descriptions of these interventions, and it is not possible to ascertain what aspects of interventions are more successful.Recent findingsDevelopment of a reporting framework whereby self-guided interventions could be clearly presented, would be a substantial contribution to understanding the evidence for these studies. Recent findings also support the need to understand patient adherence and engagement, which could be achieved within a reporting framework. Additionally, ensuring patient safety is paramount and all studies should develop strategies to ensure patients can engage with these studies in a way that allows them to access more help and support if required.SummarySelf-guided interventions have potential for implementation and further translation because of being cost-effective and requiring few resources; and a reporting framework has the capacity to lead to clearer definitions and descriptions; and significantly improve the quality of evidence for these studies.

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