Single use and disposable flexible ureteroscopes

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Purpose of review

Flexible ureteroscopy has been widely developed in the last decade been nowadays one of the first line treatment options for urolithiasis and conservative management for upper tract urothelial tumors. Even though some unfavorable features of the reusable flexible scopes can limit the surgical procedure such as their availability, lack of sterilization or costly repairs. Disposable scopes have been developed with the intention of improving such problems.

Recent findings

To our knowledge, seven devices have been developed. Of the scopes features, size, deflection, image quality and ergonomic handling have to be at least as good as reusable ones as they are expected to be noninferior. Three devices match all the features of reusable scopes, although only one has been properly studied.


Not all the available disposable devices have been properly studied or compared with standard scopes. Although some devices are promising more studies are needed to proof their benefits.

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