Metabolic syndrome and voiding dysfunction

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Purpose of reviewThe metabolic syndrome (MetS) is an ever growing pandemic consisting of a constellation of abnormalities. Many hypotheses have been put forth to establish a link between this syndrome and voiding dysfunction. We created a layout of the possible, probable, and proven relationships connecting the MetS with voiding dysfunction in men.Recent findingsThere has been growing interest in the relationship linking MetS and voiding dysfunction, with or without benign prostatic hyperplasia, during the past several years. Different mechanisms have been proposed to establish the connection.SummaryA clear-cut association between MetS and voiding dysfunction is not clearly defined; rather, voiding dysfunction occurring in men with MetS has been shown to be related to numerous pathologies. MetS is a complex disease that includes numerous pathophysiological aspects that may contribute to the causation and advancement of voiding dysfunction. In light of this association, future research is needed to better define this relationship to enable therapy targeted against MetS in patients with voiding dysfunction.

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