Effects of Methylphenidate and Bupropion on DHEA-S and Cortisol Plasma Levels in Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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We evaluated plasma levels of DHEA-S and cortisol before and after treating ADHD patients with one of two medications: methylphenidate (n = 12) or bupropion (n = 10). Boys with ADHD (combined type) were evaluated with the Korean ADHD rating scale (K-ARS) and the computerized ADHD diagnostic system (ADS). All assessments were measured at baseline and repeated after 12 weeks. There were significant clinical improvements in both treatment groups as measured by K-ARS and ADS. DHEA-S levels increased from baseline to endpoint, but cortisol levels did not change significantly. This study suggests that both methylphenidate and bupropion increase plasma levels of DHEA-S in boys with ADHD.

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