Public Health Pharmacogenomics and the Design Principles for Global Public Goods - Moving Genomics to Responsible Innovation

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“Evidence in the clinical care context differs from evidence in the public health and health policy domains. It is often difficult to apply rigid hierarchies of evidence to public health policy.”

Tikki Pang [1]

“Pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine knowledge cannot be siloed into a pure and narrow technology lens alone. The field's ontology requires a nuanced understanding of the complex linkages between the science, technology, society, and politics ecosystem and therefore must be situated within a broader framework.”

Edward S. Dove [2]

“The trend has been to use data derived from African populations to build research programmes and enhance individual careers in more affluent communities with little or no consideration for the populations from which this material was derived.”

Jantina de Vries and Michael Pepper [3]

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