Oral Flurbiprofen Metabolic Ratio Assessment Using a Single-Point Dried Blood Spot

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We investigated whether a single blood measurement using the minimally invasive technique of a finger prick to draw a blood sample of 5 μl (to yield a dried blood spot (DBS)) is suitable for the assessment of flurbiprofen (FLB) metabolic ratio (MR). Ten healthy volunteers who had been genotyped forCYP2C9were recruited as subjects. They received FLB alone in session 1 and FLB with fluconazole in session 2. In session 3, the subjects were pretreated for 4 days with rifampicin and received FLB with the last dose of rifampicin on day 5. Plasma and DBS samples were obtained between 0 and 8 h after FLB administration, and urine was collected during the 8 h after administration. The pharmacokinetic profiles of the drugs were comparable in DBS and plasma. FLB's apparent clearance values decreased by 35% in plasma and DBS during session 2 and increased by 75% in plasma and by 30% in DBS during session 3. Good correlations were observed between MRs calculated from urine, plasma, and DBS samples.

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