Correlation of Age, Sex, and Location With Recurrence of Oral Giant Pyogenic Granuloma After Surgical Excision

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Objectives:This study was carried out to correlate age and sex of the patient as well as location of the oral giant pyogenic granuloma (PG) with the recurrence rate after surgical excision.Methods:Seventy-two patients having oral giant PGs were treated by a conservative surgical excision. Information on sex, age, lesion site, and recurrence was collected. Data were reviewed and analyzed to correlate the recurrence rate with sex and age of the patient as well as the location of the lesion.Results:Recurrence of the oral giant PG was occurred in 22.2% of patients. The highest rates of recurrence were observed in the third (33.3%) and fourth (19%) decades of life. The recurrence rate was more common in females (24%) than males (18.2%) and it was predominant in mandibular lesions (25%) than maxillary one (8.3%).Conclusions:On the basis of their results the authors concluded that recurrence of oral giant PG has an obvious correlation with age and sex of the patient as well as location of the lesion.

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