Lack of Effect of Methylprednisolone on Lysosomal and Microsomal Enzymes after Two Hours of Weil-DefinedCanine Myocardial Ischemia

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Myocardial ischemia was produced for 2 hours by coronary ligation in 11 dogs pretreated with methylprednisolone (MP, 30 mg/kg). microspheres (IS fun) in each tissue sample used for enzymatic analysis. Homogenates of these tissue samples were separated by ultracentrifugation into lysosome-rich and microsomal fractions and were analyzed for N-acetyl-β-glusosaminidase (NAGA), β-glucuronidase (β-gluc), rotenone-insensitive-NADH-cytochrome c reductase (RINCR), and cytochrome oxidase. The enzymatic data from centrifugal fractions were grouped according to MBF values for statistical analysis of inter-group effects of ischemia. Significant losses (P <0.001) of NAGA and β-gluc were seen in all MP-treated lysosome-rich particulate fractions that were isolated from zones demonstrating MBF values less than 25% of control (L-ischemia). Similar significant losses (P< 0.001) of RINCR were seen in microsomal fractions from L-ischemia zones. Samples with MBF values greater than 25% but less than 75% of control (M-ischemia) also demonstrated significant decreases of lysosomal and microsomal enzymatic activity in specific fractions. When the data of the above MP-treated group were compared with the untreated control group, no significant intergroup effects of treatment with MP were observed. In addition, enzymatic data (NAGA, RINCR) were normalized prior to performing linear regression analyses; percent loss of particulate enzymatic activity was plotted against percent decrease in MBF. The effects of 2 hours of ischemia on the above biochemical parameters were comparable between untreated and MP-treated groups. Finally, when myocardial samples were grouped according to similar levels of MBF, statistical analysis using the general linear models procedure revealed no beneficial effect of MP treatment on changes in lysosomal hydrolases, microsomal RINCR, or latency of lysosomes.

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