Very Low Density Lipoprotein B-Apoprotein Kinetics in Human Subjects: Relationships between Pool Size, Flux, and Removal Rate

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We studied the kinetics of very low density lipoprotein (VLDL) B-apoprotein by compartmental analysis in 28 human subjects, 20 of whom were hyperlipoproteinemic. Three parameters were derived: the size of the major pool (MA)> the flux of B-apoprotein through pool A (PRA), and the fractional removal rate from the pool (KAA). Highly significant correlations were found between MAand PRA (positive) and between MA and KAA (negative). The findings indicated that expansion of pool size was brought about in part by an increased input. Although the strong negative correlation between MA and KAA would also imply an important role for removal rates, this conclusion remains tentative without knowledge of whether removal rate is independent of pool size. Body weight was also highly significantly correlated with KAA (negatively) but not with PRA, suggesting that overweight contributes to expanded VLDL pools by decreasing removal, and also that removal rate may therefore determine pool size independently of production. The mean fluxes were similar in 10 subjects with hypertriglyceridemia alone and in eight subjects with combined hyperlipoproteinemia. In normolipidemic subjects, pool A appeared capable of accommodating a relatively greater input without as large an expansion in size as was observed in hyperlipidemic subjects. Ore Res 45: 35-41, 1979

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