Neither Dorsal Root nor Baroreceptor Afferents are Necessary for Eliciting the Renal Responses to Acute Intravascular Volume Expansion in the Primate Macaca fascicularis

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We determined the contributibn of the dorsal roots, vagi, and gino-aortic nerves to the renal responses to acute isotonic, isooncotic intravascular volume expansion in the nonhuman primate, Macaca fascicularis. Expansion of the estimated blood volume by 15% produced a significant natriuresis and diuresis. There was no significant difference between the time to peak response for either. Neither dorsal rhizotomy (Ca-T7) nor vagotomy and sino-aortic denervation had a significant effect on these responses. We conclude that these pathways are not necessary for eliciting the renal responses to hypervolemia in the nonhuman primate. Ore Res 45: 95-99, 1979

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