Normal Levels of Fibrinopeptide A in Patients with Primary Hyperlipidemia

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Fibrinopeptide A (FPA) levels were measured in a group of 130 controls and patients with various types of primary hyperlipidemia to investigate whether an increased steady state level of thrombin activity is present in hyperlipidemic patients. In a subset of 56 subjects, levels of clotting factors n, VTL and X were measured as well. FPA levels in hyperlipidemic patients were not significantly different from those of control subjects. Furthermore, on multiple regression analysis, no significant relationships were found between FPA levels and the concentrations of serum cholesterol or triglyceride, or log triglyceride levels. Statistically significant relationships were found between all three clotting factor levels and triglyceride concentration. The correlation coefficients for these relationships, however, were low, so that the correlations are of questionable pathophysiological significance. A weak relationship also wan found between the plasma levels of cholesterol and of factor II. Thus, although small increases in various clotting factors may be found in patients with hyperlipidemia, plasma FPA levels are normaL These data indicate that hyperlipidemia is not associated with a steady state of increased thrombin activity in vivo in humans. Circ Ret 45: 347-350, 1979

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