Mouse Model of Arterial Injury

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In the present study, we established an injury model of the mouse carotid artery. Complete removal of the endothelium was achieved with a flexible wire. A platelet monolayer covered the denuded surface, and damage to underlying medial smooth muscle cells (SMCs) was detected. Injection of [3H]thymidine was used to determine the replication index for medial SMCs, which was found to be 1.6% at 2 days after denudation and 9.8% at 5 days. SMCs were observed in the intima by day 8 (replication index, 66%), and by 2 weeks the intimal lesion had a similar cell content as the media. In most animals, repair of the endothelial lining was complete 3 weeks after injury. The present model will allow us to use transgenic animals to address questions relevant to vascular biology and atherosclerosis.

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