Skin-Type Hidradenoma of the Breast Parenchyma With t(11;19) Translocation: Hidradenoma of the Breast

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Skin adnexal type tumors situated in the parenchyma of the breast are very rare. We report herein a case of solid-cystic hidradenoma of the breast. The tumor was situated in the parenchyma of the breast of a 55-year-old female and showed no connection to the overlying skin on ultrasound and radiology investigations, grossly and microscopically. Histologically, the tumor was identical to its cutaneous counterpart and was surrounded by breast tissue. The neoplasm was composed of solid and cystic areas. The cystic component, which predominated in the lesion, was filled with homogeneous eosinophilic material. The solid component consisted of several nodules with vague lobulated architecture protruding into the cystic spaces. The nodules were composed of cuboidal monomorphous cells that were continuous with larger polygonal cells and rare, large mucinous cells with basophilic granular cytoplasm. Several mammary ducts in close proximity to the tumor showed features of columnar cell hyperplasia. A 120-bp METC1/MAML2 fusion transcript was identified by RT-PCR and subsequent sequencing technique. This t(11;19) translocation has been reported in approximately 50% of hidradenomas of the skin.

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