Endometriosis of the Eyelid, an Extraordinary Extra-abdominal Location Highlighting the Spectrum of Disease

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Cutaneous endometriosis is an uncommon dermatologic disorder predominantly seen in young women. Most commonly, it presents within a region of a previous surgical scar, often in relation to a gynecologic procedure on the abdomen or in close proximity to the umbilicus. The typical clinical presentation is that of papules or nodules with monthly cyclical pain and size variation. Histologically, the lesions are composed of endometrial stroma and glands. The pathophysiology is not well understood but is believed to be due to metastasis or seeding of endometrial cells. When this uncommon disorder occurs outside of the most typical clinical setting, it may cause some diagnostic difficulty. In this report, we present the first known case of cutaneous endometriosis on the eyelid.

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