Importance of including Blomia tropicalis in the routine diagnosis of Venezuelan patients with persistent allergic symptoms

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BackgroundBlomia tropicalis is a common mite found in the house dust of many tropical countries including Venezuela. The prevalence of skin test and specific serum immunoglobulin (Ig)E reactivity to B. tropicalis in Venezuela has not been previously evaluated.MethodsIn the present study we evaluated the skin reactivity by skin prick test and specific IgE by a multiple antigen blot assay, against B. tropicalis and Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, in a group of 115 subjects who attended the Allergy Clinic of the Institute of Biomedicine, Caracas, Venezuela, and we studied possible cross reactions between similar proteins of these two mites.ResultsOne hundred and six patients with persistent allergic respiratory symptoms showed a positive skin prick test to at least one of the mite extracts, with the frequency of positive reactions to B. tropicalis being as high as to D. pteronyssinus. Twelve patients reacted only to D. pteronyssinus and 13 different patients only to B. tropicalis. Specific IgE to each of the mite extracts was found with similar frequency, and the results coincided with the skin test reactivity.ConclusionsThe study indicated the importance of including B. tropicalis in routine diagnostic testing in tropical and sub-tropical situations.

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