Metastatic Disease in the Cerebellum: The LSU Experience in 1981-1993

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We retrospectively determined the outcome of management of metastatic disease in the cerebellum (MDC) in 45 patients because MDC is considered to be more immediately life-threatening than metastases in other intracranial locations. Treatment consisted of tumor resection and radiotherapy (RR; n = 11) or of radiotherapy alone (RA; n = 34). Significant differences in the median survival (15 months for RR and 3 months for RA, p = 0.005) and in survival rates at 1 year (61 ± 30% for RR and 9 ± 10% for RA, p < 0.001) and at 2 years (15 ± 22% for RR and 0% for RA, p < 0.05) were noted. This combined management program of surgery followed by radiotherapy for MDC produced a worthwhile gain in survival.

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