A Series of Complex Suicide

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This article presents 16 complex suicide cases. Complex suicide is defined as the use of more than one method to induce death. Of the victims, 10 were men and the ages ranged from 19 to 70 years. Eight victims left a suicide note. It was observed that 13 victims realized the suicidal act in the house and 5 victims had previous suicidal attempts. It was determined that 10 victims had psychiatric disorders, one of them had alcohol dependence. Six victims were housewives, 4 victims were unemployed, followed by one each victim of student, worker, farmer, tradesman, prayer leader, and animal husbandry lines of business. Ten victims were married; 3 victims were single; and 3 victims were divorced. On investigating the methods of suicide, it was seen that 9 victims preferred sharp instrument usage; 5 victims insecticide ingestion; 4 victims each firearms, medicine overdose; 3 victims each hanging, falling from a height; 2 victims self-strangulation; and 1 victim each drowning, liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas inhalation together, fungicide ingestion, rodenticide ingestion. It was determined that 2 victims used 3 methods and the other 14 victims 2 methods in company, to realize the suicide. In this article, the data obtained from our study was discussed by comparing similar data.

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