The Impact of Videorecording on the Quality of Colonoscopy Performance: A Pilot Study

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OBJECTIVES:Colonoscopy provides imperfect protection against colorectal cancer and is operator dependent. Colonoscopies typically are poorly documented. We aimed to determine whether videorecording impacts short-term performance of colonoscopy.METHODS:We videorecorded routine colonoscopies by seven colonoscopists, with and without their awareness. Colonoscopy quality was measured by blinded assessment of inspection time and technique.RESULTS:From pre- to post-awareness of videorecording, mean inspection time increased by 49% for all colonoscopies combined and increased significantly for four individual colonoscopists. The overall quality of mucosal inspection technique improved by 31% after awareness of videorecording.CONCLUSIONS:Awareness of videorecording improved physician performance of colonoscopy. Further investigation of the role of videorecording in achieving sustained improvements in the quality performance of colonoscopy, including increases in adenoma detection, is warranted.

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