Muscularis Mucosa of Urinary Bladder Importance for Staging and Treatment

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We report the results of a histologic evaluation of muscle (muscularis mucosa) in the lamina propria of the urinary bladder performed on 100 consecutive cystectomy specimens. Muscle fibers were found in the lamina propria lying parallel to the mucosa and forming a distinct muscularis mucosa in three cases; they were interrupted or discontinuous in 20 cases, and dispersed or scattered, forming thin bundles, in 71 cases. In six cases, there were no muscle fibers in the lamina propria. In addition, we noticed that the lamina propria contains large vessels that run along the length of the lamina propria in a continuous or interrupted fashion. When muscle fibers are present, they are associated with these vessels. Since prognosis and management of muscle invasive carcinomas (stage B) is different from that of lamina propria-invasive tumors (stage A), pathologists and urologists should be aware of the presence of a muscularis mucosa in the urinary bladder.

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