Foreign Body Granulomas Due to Injectable Aesthetic Microimplants

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We present two types of "new" foreign body granulomas caused by the injectable aesthetic microimplants Bioplastique and Artecoll. We report the clinical and histopathologic findings in five patients who had undergone treatment of mainly facial contour abnormalities with one of these implants. All patients were women, and the mean age was 45 years (age range 24-72 years). Two patients presented after treatment with Bioplastique; in three patients, augmentation was achieved by using Artecoll. Unsatisfactory cosmetic effects led to excision of the implants in four patients; in one patient, parts of the implant were excised during another cosmetic intervention. Subsequent histopathologic examination showed features of foreign body granulomas with distinctive cystic spaces. The clue to the diagnosis is the particular configuration of these cystic spaces and the characteristic shape of the foreign bodies. Bioplastique granuloma presents with irregularly shaped cystic spaces of varying size containing jagged, translucent, nonbirefringent foreign bodies whereas Artecoll granuloma shows numerous round vacuoles nearly identical in size and shape enclosing round and sharply circumscribed, translucent, nonbirefringent foreign bodies. These specific histopathologic findings unequivocally allow the correct diagnosis in spite of sparse clinical information.

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