Ambiguous Melanocytic Tumors With Loss of 3p21

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Germline loss-of-function mutations in BAP1 are associated with the development of cutaneous melanocytic tumors with some histopathologic characteristics seen in Spitz nevi. Similar melanocytic tumors occurring in a sporadic setting have been demonstrated to have biallelic loss of BAP1. In some of these sporadic tumors, loss of BAP1 occurs through mutation of 1 allele and genomic loss of the other. We screened our database of comparative genomic hybridization profiles of ambiguous melanocytic tumors to identify cases with a single genomic event involving loss of the BAP1 locus. The prevalence of tumors with a single genomic event involving loss of BAP1 was 6.7% in our study population. We further characterized the BAP1 status in 17 of these tumors with available additional material, confirming loss of BAP1 in all cases. We describe BAP1 loss in a blue nevus–like melanoma and further expand the histopathologic spectrum of spitzoid melanocytic neoplasms with BAP1 loss.

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