A Model for Educational Simulation of Infant Cardiovascular Physiology

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Full-body patient simulators provide the technology and the environment necessary for excellent clinical education while eliminating risk to the patient. The extension of simulator-based training into management of basic and critical situations in complex patient populations is natural. We describe the derivation of an infant cardiovascular model through the redefinition of a complete set of parameters for an existing adult model. Specifically, we document a stepwise parameter estimation process, explicit simplifying assumptions, and sources for these parameters. The simulated vital signs are within the target hemodynamic variables, and the simulated systemic arterial pressure wave form and left ventricular pressure volume loop are realistic. The system reacts appropriately to blood loss, and incorporation of aortic stenosis is straightforward. This infant cardiovascular model can form the basis for screen-based educational simulations. The model is also an essential step in attaining a full-body, model-driven infant simulator.

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