The Episure™ Syringe: A Novel Loss of Resistance Syringe for Locating the Epidural Space

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The Episure syringe™ is a unique spring-loaded loss-of-resistance (LOR) syringe with a coaxial compression spring within a Portex Pulsator™ LOR syringe. This syringe supplies a constant pressure while the operator is advancing the Tuohy needle.


We evaluated the syringe using an artificial model of the ligamentum flavum, an anesthetized pig, and women who desired epidural analgesia for labor.


The operator, using the spring-loaded syringe, was able to stop the forward movement of the needle, so that compared with a standard LOR syringe less of the needle protruded out the back of the laboratory model. Satisfactory labor analgesia in the human study and radiograph analyses in the porcine model confirmed epidural placement in all attempts.


The spring-loaded syringe is a potentially useful LOR syringe that provides a reliable, objective end-point for identification of the epidural space.

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