The GlideScope Facilitates Nasogastric Tube Insertion: A Randomized Clinical Trial

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BACKGROUND:The GlideScope (Saturn Biomedical Systems, B.C., Canada) is a reusable videolaryngoscope and is considered an effective device for tracheal intubation. We designed this study to evaluate the application of this device in nasogastric tube (NGT) insertion.METHODS:This randomized clinical trial was performed at a teaching hospital on 80 adult patients who required intraoperative placement of an NGT. The patients were divided into 2 groups (the control and the GlideScope group) using computerized, random allocation software. In the control group, the NGT was inserted blindly as commonly performed in operating rooms; however, in the GlideScope group, the tube was inserted with the assistance of a GlideScope. The number of attempts for NGT insertion and the time required for inserting the NGT properly along with the occurrence of possible complications were recorded.RESULTS:The mean intubation time in the GlideScope group was 27.7 ± 20.7 s shorter than that in the control group. NGT insertion in the first attempt was successful in approximately 85% of the patients in the GlideScope group; in the control group, however, the tubes were inserted successfully after the first attempt in 57.5% of the patients. Complications were reported in 14 patients (35%) of the control group and 8 patients (20%) of the GlideScope group.CONCLUSION:GlideScope facilitates NGT insertion and reduces the duration of the procedure.

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