Hemispheric Synchronized Sounds and Perioperative Analgesic Requirements

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BACKGROUND:Data on the effect of Hemisync® sounds on perioperative analgesic requirements are scant.METHODS:We randomized surgical outpatients into a treatment group that received Hemisync sounds (n = 20), a music group that received music (n = 20), and a control group that had a blank cassette tape (n = 20). All subjects underwent a controlled standardized propofol-nitrous-vecuronium and fentanyl general anesthesia.RESULTS:The treatment group had significantly reduced intraoperative fentanyl consumption (P < 0.05). Postoperatively, pain visual analog scale scores were significantly lower in the Hemisync group at 1 h (P = 0.02) and 24 h (P = 0.005). Subjects in the Hemisync group were also discharged earlier (P = 0.048).CONCLUSION:The use of Hemisync sounds before and during general anesthesia reduces intraoperative analgesic requirements, postoperative pain scores, and discharge time.

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