Transient Hemodynamic Change and Accuracy of Arterial Blood Pressure-Based Cardiac Output

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The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of transient arterial blood pressure change on the accuracy of the FloTrac™/Vigileo™ monitor (Edwards Lifesciences, Irvine, CA).


We compared stroke volume determined with the FloTrac/Vigileo with Doppler during anesthetic induction in 20 patients undergoing abdominal aortic reconstruction.


The difference between the FloTrac measurements of stroke volume and the Doppler measurements of stroke volume was −7.5 ± 20.5 mL (mean ± SD) before induction, 0.3 ± 14.9 before laryngoscopy, 17.5 ± 26.9 during laryngoscopy, 20.5 ± 27.6, and −4.5 ± 16.4 mL 3 minutes after endotracheal tube placement.


The FloTrac/Vigileo measured stroke volume with reasonable accuracy during transient hypotension but overestimated stroke volume during transient hypertension.

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