American Society for Enhanced Recovery: Advancing Enhanced Recovery and Perioperative Medicine

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As the population ages, the increasing surgical volume and complexity of care are expected to place additional care delivery burdens in the perioperative setting. In this age of integrated multidisciplinary care of the surgical patients, there is increasing recognition that an evidence-based perioperative pathway is associated with the optimal outcomes. These pathways, collectively referred to as Enhanced Recovery Pathways, have resulted in shortened length of hospital stay, reduced complications, and variance in outcomes, as well as earlier return to baseline activities. The American Society for Enhanced Recovery (ASER) is a multispecialty, nonprofit international organization, dedicated to the practice of enhanced recovery in perioperative patients through education and research. Perioperative Quality Initiatives were formed whose intent is to organize a series of consensus conferences on topics of interest related to perioperative medicine. The journal affiliation between American Society for Enhanced Recovery and Anesthesia & Analgesia will enable these evidence-based practices to be disseminated widely and swiftly to the practicing perioperative health care professionals so they can be adopted to improve the quality of perioperative surgical care.

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