The Effects of Temperature on Fluroxene, Halothane, and Methoxyflurane Blood–Gas and Cerebrospinal Fluid–Gas Partition Coefficients

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Solubilities of fluroxene, halothane, and methoxyflurane in blood and CSF were determined at 41, 37, 33 and 29 C. Blood–gas and CSF–gas partition coefficients increased an average of 63.5 ± 10.5 (SD) per cent (17.7 ± 4.5 per cent/4 degrees C) when the temperatures of these solutions were decreased from 41 to 29 C. This represents a 4.4–5.3 per cent increase in solubility for every degree C reduction in temperature. Saline solution–gas partition coefficients were about 7.0 per cent less than water–gas partition coefficients at 37 C for all three anesthetics. CSF–gas partition coefficients were similar to saline solution–gas partition coefficients at 37 C. Blood–gas, water–gas, and saline solution–gas partition coefficients at 37 C were near those values previously reported.

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