Flexor Tendon Lengthening by Tenotomy at the Musculotendinous Junction

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The author presents his experience with an established technique of flexor tendon lengthening by tenotomy at the musculotendinous junction. This technique can be used for digital stiffness of forearm origin when active extension is possible on flexion of the wrist. There must not be adherence in the carpal tunnel or in the digital sheath, and active flexion must be preserved. It can also be used for digital stiffness in addition to other techniques. This kind of lengthening has some advantages: there are no sutures in the tendon itself, and it allows early reeducation in association with dynamic extension sphnting. Active flexion is preserved immediately and there is good tendon healing. It is possible to lengthen selectively the superficial flexor or the deep flexor and in some cases both. Results are presented according to cause.

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